about us

The Little Game Studio is an independent games studio that transcends both past and present the owner is and old fuddy duddy, he remembers the 80's going far back as the ZX81 and the like including the old classic games like 'Jet Set Willy', 'Cannon Fodder', 'Sensible Soccer', 'Lemmings' to name but a few, with the advances in software/hardware bringing, tablets and smartphone's without the aid of emulators capable of running some of the old games, the industry has never looked so interesting and varied.

Here at The Little Game Studio HQ we are planning on porting as many of the original titles as it can to the mobile market and even in the process creating new and exciting games, with one major principle to make games playable again for all.

The games these days have lost that lastability (this maybe the sign of the times we are in), sure graphics, sound have vastly improved but in my opinion game play has taken a step backwards to often a developer/publisher concentrates on the visual side but forgets about the play itself not everybody is what the industry calls a 'gamer'.

How long recently have you spent on playing one individual game not long I bet you? Yes there are games out there that capture that 'je ne sais quoi' that one moment, but this is few and far between, what with major build times of some individual games unless you shell out the dough, unfortunately this is where the industry is heading, doesn't studio's produces a game these days we can but out right!!

So my motto is buy it and you have access to it all, simple how hard can it be?